Soosan Joon

Soosan Silanee is an illustrator, graphic artist and founder of Soosan Joon Studio, working from Brooklyn, New York. Soosan was heavily influenced by her mother, having been exposed to extravagance, fashion trends and rich visual environments from a early age. She loves letting her personality shine through her illustrations, marrying a combination of watercolor and ink. Her intent is to capture an accurate depiction of her subject, in her own unique artistic style.

Illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires as graphic designer, where he now teachs illustration. For over a decade, he's been working as both illustrator and graphic designer for the local market and abroad for a wide range of clients, that includes Popular Mechanics, Wired, Car & Driver, Fast Co., Fox, Disney, ESPN, Shado, Gawker Media, etc. Influenced in popular culture: music, movies, art and series fuels his every day work with a strong passion for simplicity.

Recent Work by Soosan Joon