Scott Zelazny

Scott Zelazny is an illustrator, graphic designer and digital retoucher. He has been in the advertising business since 1996. Starting out drawing pictures on his junior high desktops and staying after school to clean them up, Scott has creates images for: General Motors, Chrysler, Greektown Casino, Wendy's and Nascar just to name a few. Scott completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration at the College of Creative Studios in Detroit, MI. Scott has even taught art classes to the inmates of Iona State Prison. He prides himself in never missing an assignment or a deadline. He recently spent a year working for the General Motors Creative Imaging Studio but after a supposed alien abduction, higher forces convinced him to leave his comfortable position in Michigan for the arid deserts of Arizona where his now resides with his wife Deborah and their vicious Maltese, Cody.

Recent Work by Scott Zelazny