Maria Capolongo

Maria Capolongo, a graduate from the Maryland Institute of Art, began her career by answering a "painters wanted" ad and ended up working for the celebrated pop-artist Jeff Koons at his Chelsea studio.  Maria painted photorealistic aspects of numerous pieces for the “Easy, Fun, Ethereal” series and assisted in the restoration and painting of works from the “Celebration” series. After her three year tenure at Koons’ studio, Maria adapted her painterly style and reference-heavy, glaucoma inducing work to the demands of Madison Avenue, working for Ogilvy and Mather as a storyboard artist. Initially, she had no idea what she was doing, however within a year, she was freelancing and working regularly not only for Ogilvy, but for dozens of other agencies in New York and throughout the US. Maria has been drawing storyboards now for a decade. She lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with her boyfriend and 2 wicked fat cats.

Recent Work by Maria Capolongo