Ernesto Melo

Ernesto Melo lives in Castelldefels, a seaside village not far from Barcelona. He was an apprentice of acclaimed comic master Alberto Breccio for several years and also studied animation in the studio of Yellow Submarine director Bob Balser. An in-house storyboard artist for ten years at Ogilvy Barcelona, Melo became well acquainted with the tight deadlines of the industry. He also learned to work well with a creative group.
His work includes map illustrations and designs of thematic parks for Port-Aventura-Universal's and Terra Mitica. He has also been commissioned many times for illustration related jobs which included characters like Daffy Duck and Road Runner for Warner Brothers and Woody Woodpecker for Universal. Recently, Melo has designed characters, limited animation included, for a Web game.
He was awarded first prize in the International Science Fiction Award organized by the Japanese Starlog Magazine. The jury included Frank Frazetta, Ray Bradbury, Moebius, Syd Mead and Neal Adams. 

Ernesto Melo’s Storyboards