Andrew Wendel

Andrew has been drawing since the age of two, and sold his first work at a local New England art fair when he was nine. By the time Andrew was fifteen, he was already working in advertising; a highly successful campaign for the Planned Giving Fund at Brown University later helped him to gain admission there, where he majored in Fine Art and Semiotics, a relatively esoteric discipline combining critical theory, linguistics, cultural studies, the history of art and mass communications, and a bit of psychology and cognitive science. From there Andrew plunged into the burgeoning music scene in Providence, Rhode Island, both as a guitarist in several popular bands and as a poster artist for nationally touring punk and hardcore groups. There was little to no money in much of this work, but it taught him a great deal about design, marketing, and the elusive quality of "cool" so prized by countercultural movements and their followers. This has all been endlessly commodified and repackaged to the point of being widely accepted by the mainstream, but at the time it was an endlessly evolving, stimulating, vibrantly creative "scene" that led to a lot of opportunities when he decamped to New York City to pursue a serious career in the visual arts.

Andrew Wendel’s Storyboards