We Won’t Tell You to work with Kevin…

Check out the animatic artwork by Kevin! His energy and playful drawing style was a perfect match for LeBron’s fun and easy-going personality. With shots all over LeBron’s mansion, Kevin shows off his unique and versatile artistic ability which lays the foundation for the latest and greatest Sprite commercial yet! We won’t tell you to work with Kevin…


Click here to see the full commercial!


Smucker’s Teams up with Bernd Wagenfeld for an Epic PB&J Spot

When it comes to making food look mouthwatering, Bernd Wagenfeld is the best around. In the new Smucker’s commercial, he really shows off his ability to bring food to life. With his unmatched attention to texture in the close-up shots. For 30 seconds, he makes this simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich the only sandwich your taste buds yearn for. So if you’re in the need for an experienced animatic food artist for you’re next big commercial, Bernd Wagenfeld is the artist you’re looking for.


See for yourself in the link below!


Back to school with Walmart!

Check out the new animatic artwork from Fates Crew! Aired during the 2016 Summer Olympics. Fates Crew, challenged with another short deadline, came together as a team to knock another job out of the park. Walmart helps to remind everyone of the upcoming school year and where to get all of your school supply needs. With a fun twist of White Snake’s “Here I Go Again,” to beacon the end of another summer, we wish everyone a happy and healthy school year!


Click the link below to see the finished commercial. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 3.08.21 PM

Ultimate Garbage Men Animatic

What do you think of when you think of the garbage. If you’re thinking of hot, sexy garbage men, then you’re not alone! (If you’re not, then this commercial will change all of that.) For Hefty, Havas Worldwide took a tongue in cheek approach to an everyday household item.


A parade of attractive garbage men with cheeky dialogue open up the commercial. These attractive men expound on the features of Hefty’s Ultimate Bags, seemingly using straight sex appeal to get the viewer’s attention.


In an unexpected twist, the commercial introduces a slightly different ultimate garbage man.


Kind of pudgy and completely average, this garbage man is the perfect foil to his chiseled peers.




Art buy Denis Luzuriaga. Art of the average guy by Alberto Gomez. Animatic production by Daily Planet Productions.

Watch the full commercial here.

Nationwide shows us how to save some Benjamins.

Benjamins-4 copy

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Save some Benjamins”, but we’ve probably never seen it brought to life quite like this. To highlight it’s Vanishing Deductible feature, Nationwide went with a series of real life Ben Franklins.

Benjamins-7 copy

Each time our star driver does the right thing while behind the wheel, another Benjamin is added to the stable. Work was created by Doron Ben-Ami with McKinney and Daily Planet.

Benjamins-10a copy

Benjamins-19 copy

Benjamins-21 copy

Check out the full commercial here:

Infiniti’s Déja View experience


We were excited to work with Campfire on Infiniti’s Deja View experience earlier this year. The concept went beyond the traditional commercial to become an online film that actually responds to viewers. To participate, you call a number, enter a sync code and become a character in an eerie journey with two lost souls. The Fates Crew worked with Campfire to capture the world they were envisioning.



Experience Infinit’s Déja View for yourself here.




For the fans who do whatever it takes: The Fates Crew brings Bud Light’s Quinoa commercial to life


When Translation came to us with Quinoa, the first spot in the Bud Light’s “Dilemmas” campaign, we knew The Fates Crew was just the team to bring it to life. Playing off of fan superstitions and those dedicated few “who do whatever it takes,” the spot centers on one man’s internal turmoil over quinoa veggie burgers.










If you plan on tuning into the football game this Thanksgiving, keep your eyes peeled for “Quinoa”. See the full spot here:

Barreling down the track: Alec Bancher’s work on Advil’s Freight Train spot


What better way to illustrate a headache than a thundering train barreling down a track. Just as quickly as the pain is on you, Fast Acting Advil is there to stop it in it’s tracks. For this spot, we worked with Edit1 to create dramatic scenes that would illustrate the intensity of the moment with low angles, overhead shots and a blinding light. To see more of Alec’s work, check out his full portfolio.





See the finished spot here.

Bringing Baby to life: Doron Ben-Ami’s animatic work for Nationwide


With the Baby commercial, Nationwide wanted to convey something important: What’s important to you is important to us. To help drive that point home, McKinney worked with Nationwide to develop a spot that would show how much we love our cars.


In place of a vehicle, we see a giant baby. Our main character, the car owner, is eager to protect his baby from errant grocery carts and lovingly washes him in the driveway.


For this animatic, we worked with Daily Planet. To view Doron Ben-Ami’s storyboard work, visit his portfolio.

Check out the full commercial here: