Denis Luzuriaga’s animatic art Nationwide’s Toddler commercial


When you aren’t treated with respect, it’s easy to feel like a child, tantrum and all. That’s the concept behind Nationwide’s Toddler commercial. Working with the talented team at Daily Planet and McKinney, Denis Luzuriaga brought the daily frustrations of the modern world to life.

Our hero character navigates a world where she is ignored and overlooked, that is, until she meets her Nationwide agent. Check out more animatic art below.





See the full spot here:

SB Studio’s animatic art for Nationwide’s Feature commercial

Ever notice the way car commercials call out special features? These include slowing the commercial to draw attention to the antilock brakes or using digital overlays to highlight smart tech features. For their latest spot, Nationwide spoofed on this idea by emphasizing the most important safety feature in any car – you.

Nationwide #17 ANIM

Nationwide #06 ANIM

Nationwide #08 ANIM

Nationwide #19 ANIM

Animatic art by SB Studio. Production by Daily Planet. Agency McKinney.


See the full commercial here:

Denis Luzuriaga’s work for Nationwide’s Reveal commercial featuring Jana Kramer


By now, we’re familiar with Jana Kramer’s stealthy character in Nationwide’s Brand New Belongings campaign. The latest installation has Kramer performing a daredevil leap off of a building and into a smoke damaged kitchen. Through a variety of visual tricks, she replaces damaged items with sparkling new versions.

Check out the full commercial here:

Animatic art by Denis Luzuriaga. Production by Daily Planet Productions. Agency McKinney.

The Fates Crew animatic for M&M’s latest Super Bowl Commercial

Teasers leading up to the Super Bowl had fans of M&M’s scratching their heads. What is going to happen to Yellow? The teaser (watch below) shows Yellow in colorful workout head and arm bands preparing to show off his latest dance moves until he is interrupted by an unseen stranger that tranquilizes him and drags the candy superstar off screen.

The clever follow up was a unexpected mobster episode. As the mobster speaks to the unseen victim in the trunk of the car, we feel as if we are about to witness a murder. That is until the Russian crime boss finishes his threat with a bowl of ice cream. When the camera cuts to the victim, we see our candy coated hero, unaware and unafraid.










The agency behind the concept was BBDO. We worked with Edit1 to help bring their concept to life. Animatic art by The Fates Crew.

Watch the full commercial here: