Putting a new spin on an old fable – Mercedes-Benz Tortoise and Hare “Fable” Super Bowl Ad


The Mercedes-Benz “Fable” commercial, which aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl, was a fun reimagining of the classic story of the tortoise and hare. Back in August, we had the opportunity to work with the creative team behind the spot to create a storyboard. When Merkley+Partners approached us for artists, they knew they wanted a realistic look and we started pulling options. In the end, it was Doron Ben-Ami’s tight style that won them over, but the challenge was to deliver that style in just a few days. That’s when we decided to bring in Ben McCoy.


Working from a script, we started with some rough thumbnails to establish blocking and positioning. The pair worked together closely, with Ben pulling together swipe and helping to compose frames so that Doron could really take the pieces and run with them. His work helped set Doron up to create something really great.




It was also important that we get the right look for the animals. The creative wanted realistic animals that weren’t cartoon-like, but still retained character.




And that character is important when the crafty tortoise throws “slow and steady” out of the window and blows past a cocky hare in his speedy Mercedes-AMG GT.

Congratulations to Mercedes-Benz and Merkley+Partners for creating an amazing spot! And thanks to the talented Doron Ben-Ami and Ben McCoy for helping to bring the concept to life!

See the full commercial here:

Noseblind: Storyboards by Denis Luzuriaga for Febreeze


What if you had gotten so use to the smell of your home that you had no idea it was stinky? That’s the premise behind the Noseblind commercials from Febreeze. Using cats, dogs and sneakers, the brand points out that it’s easy to grow accustomed to the smells around your home, even if they are bad smells. Storyboards by Denis Luzuriaga.



Check out the full spots below:

If we made it: Newcastle shares how they would have done some of our favorite ads

It seems like the buzz about Super Bowl begins months before the big game. Brands have begun sharing sneak peaks and viral video previews of upcoming commercials, pushing viewers to share and discuss ads before they air.

Newcastle and agency Droga5 decided to take this buzz to a whole new level with a new concept – if we had made it. Using the hilarious Anna Kendrick as their spokesperson, Newcastle released a behind the scenes interview discussing the commercial that was supposed to happen.

The follow up to the interview was the release of a video describing the commercial that was never to be, skateboarding cats and all. Or pigs. Whatever.

When they decided to take this idea one step further by parodying other brands commercials, we got a chance to provide storyboard art. Working fast and furious, we worked with Droga5 to put together funny versions of highly anticipated ads. During the Super Bowl Newcastle tweeted out You Tube videos with their version of each concept. Links to each concept are below. Art by The Fates Crew and Alberto Gomez.


That chip commercial.


That bodybuilder commercial.


That robot movie trailer.


That pistachio commercial.

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